Chehardy Sherman Williams - Law Firm - Metairie, Louisiana

Chehardy Sherman Williams - Law Firm - Metairie, Louisiana

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Chehardy Sherman Williams offers comprehensive legal services in the heart of Metairie, Louisiana, leveraging our extensive experience and expertise to address a wide array of legal issues. Our firm's history speaks volumes about our commitment to legal excellence and client services.

Established over four decades ago, we've grown significantly, owing to our strong commitment to nurturing legal partnerships. We believe that these partnerships, with fellow attorneys, clients, and the community, are the backbone of our success. We've built an award-winning reputation in Metairie and beyond by adhering to the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and exceptional service delivery.

Our legal services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. We ensure that we have a thorough understanding of our clients’ situations before offering customized legal advice. We're not just service providers; we're partners in our clients’ journeys toward legal resolution.

Our firm's history is intertwined with the growth and development of Metairie. We've been part of landmark legal decisions that have shaped the community. We're proud of our roots in Metairie and committed to giving back to the community that has given us so much. As we look forward, we're excited about the future and the chance to continue our legacy of superior client service and robust legal partnerships.

We've also established a significant presence in New Orleans. Adherence to legal ethics forms the cornerstone of our New Orleans operations. We're dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism while providing expert client representation.

Our team is equipped with a deep understanding of the local legal landscape. This knowledge, combined with our commitment to judicial efficiency, ensures that we can provide prompt, effective legal solutions. We strive to expedite the legal process, without compromising on the quality of our services or the rights of our clients.

In New Orleans, we've garnered a reputation for our thorough, analytical approach to law. We examine every facet of a case, from the minutest detail to the broader implications, ensuring that our clients receive comprehensive legal counsel. Our focus on client representation extends beyond the courtroom to include guidance through complex legal procedures and documentation.

In our New Orleans law firm, we continue to uphold the principles of integrity, professionalism, and efficiency that have defined our practice in Metairie. We're committed to serving the New Orleans community with the same dedication and expertise.

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Metairie, Louisiana

Chehardy Sherman Williams

Criminal defense lawyer

Our firm's criminal defense lawyers stand as a formidable line of defense for clients facing criminal charges, using their vast experience and deep knowledge of Louisiana's legal landscape to craft solid, strategic defenses. We firmly advocate for defendant rights, ensuring our clients' legal protections are upheld throughout the criminal process. From the moment of arrest through investigation and trial, we never lose sight of our central goal: securing the best possible outcome for our clients.

A critical component of our work involves plea bargaining. We're adept at negotiating with prosecutors to reduce charges or lessen sentences, leveraging our comprehensive understanding of Louisiana's criminal justice system to broker favorable deals. In every case, we aim to minimize the impact of criminal charges on our clients' lives.

In addition, we excel in sentencing advocacy. If a guilty verdict is unavoidable, we don't merely accept the court's decision. Instead, we tirelessly advocate for reduced sentences, utilizing our expertise to present compelling arguments for leniency. Whether arguing for alternatives to jail, like probation or community service, or pushing for a shorter sentence, we're committed to mitigating the consequences of a conviction.

Family lawyer

We provide comprehensive legal services for clients grappling with divorce, child custody disputes, alimony, and other family-related legal issues. We understand the emotional upheaval that such cases can bring, and we aim to alleviate this burden with our expertise.

In divorce proceedings, we're committed to protecting our client's rights and interests, striving for the most favorable results. We handle everything from asset division to establishing spousal support, ensuring our clients can transition into their new lives with minimum stress.

Child custody battles can be particularly challenging. We carefully guide our clients through the legal maze, advocating for their rights and those of their children. We aim to secure an arrangement that prioritizes the child's best interests while respecting and upholding our clients' parental rights.

Prenuptial agreements, too, fall under our purview. We draft, review, and negotiate these contracts, safeguarding our client's financial futures before they enter into marriage.

Personal injury attorney

When it comes to personal injury cases at Chehardy Sherman Williams, we don't just scratch the surface; we dive deep into the facts, ensuring that we're well-prepared to fight for our clients' rights. Our focus is on analyzing every detail to ensure a robust defense for our clients. We handle various personal injury cases, from accident claims to negligence lawsuits, providing comprehensive legal assistance for those who need it most.

Ensuring injury compensation for our clients is our primary goal. We understand that accidents can lead to physical, emotional, and financial hardships. Therefore, we work tirelessly to ensure our clients get the compensation they deserve. Our expertise extends to handling complex negligence lawsuits, where we scrutinize every aspect of the case, from the nature of the injury to the circumstances surrounding the incident.

We're adept at navigating the complexities of accident claims. We don't just represent clients; we advocate for their rights, ensuring they understand each step of the legal process. Whether it's a car accident, a slip-and-fall case, or a wrongful death claim, we're equipped to handle it with the utmost professionalism and diligence.

Personal injury attorney
Estate planning attorney
Estate planning attorney

Just as we approach personal injury cases with thoroughness and dedication, we apply the same rigorous approach to estate planning. Our skilled Metairie estate planning attorneys at Chehardy Sherman Williams understand the nuances of wealth preservation strategies, utilizing them effectively to secure your assets for future generations.

Trust establishment basics form the core of our estate planning practice. We guide our clients through the process, ensuring every detail is meticulously addressed. Whether it's revocable or irrevocable trusts, we tailor our services to fit each client's unique needs and circumstances. But we continue beyond trust creation; we also provide insightful advice on trust administration and the legal obligations attached to it.

Succession planning nuances can often be complex and tricky to navigate. We help our clients chart a clear path through the complexities, ensuring a smooth transition of assets and business interests. Our attorneys excel in creating comprehensive succession plans that minimize potential disputes, tax liabilities, and other legal hurdles.

Our approach to estate planning reflects our commitment to detail, precision, and client satisfaction. We strive to provide a robust legal framework that safeguards your wealth, ensuring a secure future for you and your loved ones.

Chehardy Sherman Williams - Law Firm - Metairie, Louisiana

Trial Attorneys

Our firm's Metairie trial attorneys stand as stalwart advocates for our clients, harnessing their extensive courtroom experience and legal acumen to champion justice. They're more than just legal representatives; they're strategic thinkers, skilled in the jury selection process, litigation strategies, and cross-examination techniques.

Our trial attorneys excel in the jury selection process, meticulously reviewing potential jurors' profiles to ensure the most advantageous jury composition. This careful selection process is crucial in setting the stage for a successful trial outcome.

When it comes to litigation strategies, our attorneys are adept at structuring convincing arguments that resonate with the jury and judge, while also anticipating potential counter-arguments. Their keen sense of legal strategy involves a combination of thorough case analysis, solid evidence presentation, and persuasive argumentation.

Our attorneys' prowess extends to cross-examination techniques as well. They're skilled at questioning opposition witnesses and adept at uncovering inconsistencies or inaccuracies in testimonies. Their sharp questioning can significantly influence the trial's direction, often tipping the scales in our client's favor.

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